Timeless styles


There is something to be said about people by the sea. About those who appreciate beaches and look for waves, who walk barefoot on boats and sleep amid deep blue water. About those who long for the salty air and a place to go.
You can say that they are not afraid.
They are not afraid to be bold, not afraid to be traditional, not afraid of a changing plan or an uncertain path.

  1. Sea Loft
    As low as € 160.00
  2. Sea Loft
    As low as € 190.00
  3. Sea Loft
    As low as € 90.00
  4. Sea Loft
    As low as € 120.00

Sea Loft is the salty air for the brave, the sandy beach for the tired. It is the unchanging certainty of maritime comfort and classic, functional cuts.