Summer is coming to an end and autumn is eagerly knocking on our doors. The days are getting shorter, colder and the weather more unstable. Light clothing alone is no longer appropriate. A coat is now the undisputed star of all your outfits. 

The color and style code for this fall season is: warm reds, soft lines and oversized sleeves. Labaxetta offers you some top fashionable and high quality tailored coats that you can combine with all your outfits. 

As a fashion-conscious labaxetta man, of course you won't miss out on versatile patterns and motifs. From warm plaid patterns to decidedly dark monochromes, it will never be difficult to choose a look that always fits, depending on your needs and moods of the moment.In this fall special, we've rounded up exciting combinations for coats and additional clothing.  Get inspired by our style suggestions.

Style 1
Timeless & elegant

Colorful accents create an elegant expression: earthy, warm tones and purposefully selected garments in the corresponding complementary color are a contemporary look. And you can combine this color play for all casual or business outfits. 

Our style tip: From the brand Civico7 the elegant brown-red Patch Coat in check pattern. It matches perfectly with a noble Sartoria Mastroianni sweater in forest green, for example, and to round it off, black statement trousers from STD Loom. 

  1. Civico 7
    As low as € 590.00
  2. Sartoria Mastroianni
    As low as € 260.00
  3. STD Loom
    As low as € 180.00
Style 2
Flexible & Sophisticated

Dare more individuality: There are alternatives to color and check pattern. Black as the basic color and a weave pattern other than plaid are a style statement. And you can also consider a shorter cut for the length of the coat. 

Our style tip: Civico7 short coat in black and an unusual herringbone pattern. Match it with the burgundy Civico7 sweater and a dark Civico7 chino. Instead of a sweater, a Post Industrial hoodie also fits, of course. 

  1. Civico 7
    As low as € 570.00
  2. Post Industrial
    As low as € 230.00
  3. Civico 7
    As low as € 220.00
  4. Civico 7
    As low as € 220.00
Style 3
Cool &

Dark colors increase the coolness factor: a dark coat can be combined very well with streetwear and light smart business outfits. A check pattern, also in a dark finish, adds a touch of sophistication to the outfit. 

Our style tip: the Darkblue coat from Civico7. It matches with the casual STD Loom sweater in light gray and as a streetwear outfit a comfortable pair of Wrong is Right jeans. On warmer days you can simply swap the sweater for a Wrong is Right t-shirt. 

  1. Civico 7
    As low as € 590.00
  2. STD Loom
    As low as € 130.00
  3. Wrong Is Right
    As low as € 160.00